What is Christian Counseling ?

Christian counseling is a therapy service connecting the disciplines of faith and psychology to provide mental and emotional health based on biblical teachings. A Christian counselor can help you to navigate life’s challenges in ways that respect your faith.  When facing turbulent life events, integrating and strengthening your faith may be the missing piece in finding proper treatment that helps holistically.

Issues handled through Christian Counseling

Christian counseling is a broad therapeutic approach that can be applied to a wide variety of situations. There is no singular problem that a person should seek Christian counseling for; instead, this type of therapy is used to treat many of the personal issues a person experiences in their life. Rather than seeking traditional therapy for these problems, Christian counseling prioritizes your faith as an important part of the healing process.

These are certain issues that people seek Christian counseling for

  • Marital or relationship problems
  • Substance abuse and addiction
  • Mental illness
  • Grief and loss
  • Enriching your faith and connection to God
  • Career development and Life challenges
  • Depression
  • Stress and Eating challenges
  • Trauma and Abuse

Christian counselors understand these challenges that modern adults face and they can help you to reconnect with their faith. Counselors can teach practical tools that helps you to emerge from these issues and bring more faith into your life.

How to select a Christian Counselor ?

Similar to how you select a traditional therapist, your decision should be based on the credentials and ability of the prospective counselor. With a Christian counselor, an additional factor in your decision is your personal faith. Finding a counselor who expresses religious beliefs in a way you find agreeable, and having a willingness to accept and understand the spiritual aspect of counseling is necessary to gain the full benefit of the treatment.

A good interpersonal connection is another factor you need to seek for the right therapist. Sometimes it takes meeting several counselors to determine who will be the best fit. You will get the most out of your counseling sessions if you work with a therapist who you are comfortable and at ease with. Pacifyr platform helps you to browse, connect and try out various counselors before you decide to seek service. 

What to expect When Seeking Christian Counseling ?

Just like traditional therapy, Christian counseling is diverse and can follow several counseling methods, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). One of the main differences, and what you can expect when you attend Christian counseling sessions are some of the following in addition to providing therapeutic support-

  • Using broad range of materials and resources.
  • Providing prayer and scripture readings, affirmation, and bible study.
  • Assisting with ethical decision-making.
  • Providing reference and referral to other specialists, like a psychiatrist, if needed.

Like other therapists, Christian counselors understand the importance of your mental and emotional health and the symptoms which may lead to diagnosing a problem. Current psychological methods of evaluation, such as self-auditing, are key tools for a Christian counselor when evaluating your current status. However, these counselors do not feel that traditional methods provide a comprehensive overview of what may be ailing you. With the additional focus on your spiritual health and your personal relationship with God, those who practice Christian counseling believe that with therapy, your personal problems, mental concerns, and emotional instability can be replaced with increased self-worth and a sense of spiritual fulfillment.