What is Life Coaching ?

It is estimated that 20% of all wellness coaches and counselors utilize some sort of online chat or phone service to provide therapy to their clients. If you are a certified coach, or certified wellness instructor (such as a yoga instructor, or mindfulness- based stress reduction instructor) Pacifyr can provide the perfect platform for your clients.

Tele-mental Health

If you are a counselor or therapist who is not yet familiar with the movement to begin offering online therapy for clients—for convenience as well as cost effectiveness—you may be interested to know that recent studies have discovered that tele-mental health is more effective than traditional face to face counseling for some clients.

Dr. Linda Godleski reviewed the records for over 98,000 VA patients who were newly participating in the tele-mental health program in 2007 to 2010. What they discovered shocked and amazed everyone! The tele-mental healthpatients, receiving therapy via video conferencing, ended up having 24% percent less hospitalization admissions during their first 6 months of the online treatment, compared to the previous 6 months when they had attended face to face treatment in conventional—face to face-- facilities
Learn more about recent studies supporting the efficacy of tele-mental health here

Our Counselors, Coaches and Instructors

Each of our wellness coaches, counselors and instructors are licensed or certified in their respective area of expertise. Scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the images to learn more about who they are and how they can help you.

Jobs for Online Wellness Coaches, Counselors and Certified Instructors

If you have been searching for online certified health coaching jobs, online drug and alcohol counselor jobs, or online counseling jobs, the Pacifyr mobile app may be a great alternative to going to the office everyday to meet with clients. In fact, you can bring your current caseload on board, and start offering the convenience of a mobile app to your clients, immediately. Our HIPPA compliant video conferencing offers the perfect platform to provide safe, confidential and effective services, via on online coaching app.

Note: providers (coaches, counselors and instructors) must submit a resume with qualifications and credentials, agree to a background check, and submit a professional photo with a bio.

Contact us to ask a question or learn more about how Pacifyr works for professional coaches or certified meditation or yoga instructors.

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