What is Life Coaching ?

Life coach is, in simple terms, a person employed to help others achieve their goals. Life coaching is a symbiotic bond between a life coach and his client. Today’s successful corporate executives, professionals and entrepreneurs use the services of a life coach to optimize their personal and professional goals.
Pacifyr platform facilitates the handshake between accredited life coaches and clients. It provides an opportunity for coaches to address professional and personal needs of the clients. Life coaching service identifies the immediate needs of the clients as well as their long term goals and helps bridge the gap while alleviating their woes.
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Who all work with a Life Coach?

Any professional be they leaders, company executives, business owners or even homemakers, all can use the services of a life coach and work with the latter. Not only will your life coach help identify and bridge the gap between your present situation and future aspirations, he will also guide you in breaking through your limited beliefs and challenge you to think bigger.

What would you work on with a life coach?

You would work on aspects of your personal and professional growth with a life coach.
Personal includes the broad agenda of setting and achieving goals, both short term and long term. You will need financial security foremost in order to achieve anything. Hence financial independence is a key need. Man is not an island and grows only through meaningful relationships. We discover ourselves through relating to others. Assuming primary importance in relationships is the life partner/love match that you find for yourself. A life coach can help in this regard. All work and no play is a passport to a dull life. Therefore we need fun and adventure to recharge our mental and physical batteries. That’s another area a life coach can advise you in, how to find fun and lots of it. In short you may not know what your core values and passions are but a life coach can help identify them for you.
On the professional front a life coach is the ideal person to help you plan your business and career. It is not just about embarking on a business or growing one but also balancing your business life with your personal life. Effective communication is at the core of professional advancement and that is an area where the life coach can advise you and help you.

Frequently asked questions

Why go for life coaching and not therapy, counseling, peer or companion?

Let’s examine what a life coach, a counselor, a peer or companion does.
Counseling can certainly help you overcome life issues. But it is not considered a professional coaching of life. Life coaches suggest remedies and stays with you to quantify and achieve goals, an approach which counselors do not have. Life coach is a professional who specializes in identifying the predicament of your life both in the professional and personal arena. He zeroes in on your problems, suggests solutions, walk you to achieve the changes and to absorb the solutions to your daily routine. Counselors on the other hand expect you to execute the remedies suggested and to integrate the same in your life in an effective manner. They do not have a follow up action on your efforts or a course correction on your methodologies in changing your life. Whereas a life coach focuses on the present and future goals, therapists work on the existing issues faced by the client. Clients are always in need of last mile help in life goal achievement. Life coach is the best bet for clients to achieve that final push. A companion or friend is one who takes care of you and is good at sharing your woes. But again it is not a professional advice. A companion’s advice is always colored by emotions absorbed from your state of mind. A companion’s advice is sometimes clouded by their intent not to hurt you or the fear of losing the relationship as truth is often painful to reveal. Life coaches do a reality check on your present and future needs and are experts at guiding you in a professional way.

What are the benefits of hiring a life coach?

A person with aspirations needs to be paired with a life coach. Life coaches can inspire you and guide you to achieve your personal goals.
Life coach helps you to achieve the following.

  • Focus on effective actions with immediate effect
  • Hold your thoughts when faced with trivial issues.
  • Attract clients and propel them with renewed push.
  • Achieve need based goals.
  • Carve out more time and energy

Why do successful individuals need a life coach?

It is a human trait to assume, without any reservations, that we have peaked in our life. In most cases this is a self assessment. For professionals who have achieved goals, stability in finance and personal life is important. A life coach will identify key attributes of life that you have been missing. Life coaches can and will, after listening to you, detail and design a path for you to optimize your way of life to a better future. The presence of Life coaches provides professionals with the final push to greater frontiers beyond their realm of reach.

How many sessions do I need to have with a life coach?

Your life coach is qualified to assess your present state and goals, and design a path from the present to the future. This may call for multiple sessions. Life coaches typically request a few sessions per month spread over 90 days. But if visible results are achieved, the program could be ended ahead of schedule.

How much does life coaching cost?

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