Calm your fears

High-risk jobs come with a great deal of stress. Although you have dedicated your life to serve, protect and save people, these types of critical situations can take their toll on your emotional and mental well-being. Anxiety, PTSD, depression, and addictions are all possible results of your job.

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Unmask your hidden potential

There are so many health, wellness and emotional issues we all face every day. Personal illnesses and health concerns are often at the top of the list. Then there are issues we try to cope with such as weight issues, nutritional challenges and overeating

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A better and happier you

We know how challenging the teen years can be. You deal with hormones, puberty, and budding sexuality. Then there is loneliness, peer pressure, fear of rejection, and feelings of low self-worth. You're anxious, you worry about grades and your parents seem to be worried about you.

But there is a solution. Connect with a Counsellor

Pacifyr Is Here To Help

Why not download the Pacifyr app now? You can search our data base of certified professional coaches, counselors, personal trainers and instructors, who are ready to help you get started working on your goals and overcoming obstacles that are in the way of your success today! It's fast, it's easy and convenient.

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Why Pacifyr

With Pacifyr, anyone can instantly get high quality, affordable life coaching, traditional counseling services, or Christian counseling without having to drive to an office appointment or pay for expensive medical bills. Pacifyr is significantly less than the cost of traditional therapy.

Regardless of the personal challenge you are facing, whether it?s a goal to lose weight, a plan to pursue a new career path, the desire to overcome anxiety, reduce stress (or other emotional hurdles) or the need to save your marriage, Pacifyr offers the perfect wellness coach, personal trainer, dietician, counselor, or instructor.

  • Telehealth
  • Nearly 20% of professional coaches today offer some type of online or telephone counseling. Join the millions of users who have found support via online chat, video conferencing, or text, in real-time, for Android and iOS.

  • Convenience
  • Other than being able to select the perfect professional life coach, counselor, or certified instructor, perhaps the best part about the Pacifyr app, is that you can get support from the privacy and convenience of your home or office. In fact, our app promotes a holistic life-style, making it easy to use our HIPPA compliant video conferencing--anywhere you go.

    Benefits of Joining Pacifyr

    Non judgmental, anonymous and stigma free
    Android and iOS supportive
    Secure and safe
    Text, chat, video
    Frequent Webinars on health and wellness
    Monthly subscription model for employees
    No waiting, or making appointments
    Save money-our fees are much less than many other platforms
    Fast and convenient scheduling
    Try it before you buy it-get free chat minutes to decide if you like the service before spending money

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