Tutoring platform

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School platform

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School ERP platform

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One to One

  • Pace of tutoring can be elected.
  • School syllabus is followed.
  • Personal writing tablet.
  • Focus on areas of weakness
  • Home work help
  • More attention to Student requirement
  • Content provided based on student performance
  • Evaluation performed more often
  • Career focused tutoring
  • Flexible schedules
  • Feed back to parents
  • Tutor of choice
  • One tutor for the entire period.
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One to Group

  • Very specific to students from the same school and Class
  • Tutoring based on the school curriculum
  • Homework help.
  • Consistent evaluation
  • Verifiable Progress
  • Saves on tutoring fees.
  • Adheres to school teaching pace.
  • Scheduled Classes
  • Career focused
  • Best of tutors.
  • One tutor for the entire period of course.
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One to Class

  • Students can sign up for Trending class
  • Free classes are available
  • Challenging subjects handled by experts.
  • Entrance exam questions discussed
  • Saves a lot on fees.
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Business Opportunities


Franchise agreements with Cascer are defined for specific Geographic territory. We now have Open locations available for Gulf Cooperation countries (GCC) and Canada.

Period The Franchise is for a defined period of time.

Training and on going supportTraining will be provided, by Cascer, on Operations, administration, tutoring aspects, content, use of platform and other general areas. All Franchisees maybe trained at their location OR at a location of mutual selection and consent.

InvestmentThere will be an upfront fee for use of trademark and platform.

FeesCascer will be paid by the franchisee a royalty fee/on going usage fee based on the revenue of the month and is payable every 15 days.

Marketing/AdvertisingThe Marketing/Advertisement will be organized and controlled by Cascer as necessitated and the Franchisee will participate in the costs.

Franchise Renewal, termination, and cancellationCascer has set policies on any Renewal, termination and cancellation. This may include buy back policies Or first right of refusal . The buyback rate a mutually agreed rate or a match any potential buyers offer.

Please contact us for further discussion


There will be an agreement between Cascer and Partner not only limited to the below points:

  • Percentage of ownership
  • Division of Profit and Loss
  • Length of partnership
  • Decision making and resolving Disputes
  • Authority
  • Withdrawal OR death
  • Financial prudence and approval process
  • Develop financial strategy with Advisor
  • Exit strategy

Please contact us for further discussion