Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Cascer Service details ?
Apart from the service details listed on the Cascer website, we have Free and trending subjects classes, selected videos, Q&A sessions, webinars, home work, Ediary, Messaging are some of the features in Cascer.
How do I join Cascer ?
Details are given in the home page of the website under 'How to Join'. Else you can click on the 'Sign In' button , select Student option and it will take you to the Registration Page. After you submit your contact details our Customer Support Administrator will reach out to you to understand your needs and walk you through the complete enrollment process.
What are the system requirements to attend a class ?
To access our courses online, you would need working laptop or desktop computer to login. Registered students can also attend class from a mobile device either on iOS or Android.
Will there be an Evaluation / Homework given to students ?
There will be periodic assessments by the tutor along with comprehensive feedback for each student on the subject areas. Opportunity is given to each student for discussion with tutor on the evaluation papers and homework submission.
Can I raise my doubts / clarifications with tutor ?
Students can ask doubts to the tutors when the session is in progress and also during offline mode using messaging chats.
Can I give my feedback on the classes ?
Cascer will periodically collect feedback from the student related to classes attended by the student.
Are there any Instant Q&A sessions ?
These sessions will happen as deemed fit by the tutor during interaction with student
What is the Eligibility criteria for Tutors ?
Minimum of University Masters degree in the relevant subject, experience in teaching, Number of subjects handled and experience in different curriculum are some of the criterion in selection of the tutors.
How is selection of Tutors done ?
There is an interview process by a panel of experts on the subject and mode of engaging students. The tutors are selected based on the recommendation of interview panel.
What are My ongoing Opportunities in Cascer ?
There are always opportunities for tutoring, Training & upgrading teaching skills, potential to earn higher income.
What Locations are preferred ?
We prefer tutors from India, USA, and Gulf Countries
What are the Systems requirements I need to have ?
To access Cascer platform, you would need compatible web browser, working laptop or desktop computer along with uninterrupted good internet connectivity.
How do I get paid?
The payment method will be Direct pay to your bank account
What is the Frequency of payment ?
The payment frequency can be Weekly, biweekly or Fortnightly, or Monthly as per agreement with Cascer
Are there any specific Timings of Classes?
Most of the classes start at 2 pm (local time) onwards in the country of students. However, there might be classes on some days of the week which can happen much earlier during the day.
Are there Free Classes for students?
We provide free sessions on subjects to attract prospective students.
Are there are any Introductory classes that I need to take ?
One Introductory session per course (duration of 30 minutes) should be offered by the tutor.
Do I need to take up any New classes or Trending classes, Popular classes ?
Tutors are highly encourage to take up Trending classes and popular classes offered to the students.
Do I need to take up Repeated Classes for the same grade/subject ?
Tutors have the opportunity to conduct repeat Sessions. Tutor can also play recorded sessions.
Any limit on Doubts / Q&A per month the student might have?
A minimum of 20 doubts per month should be attended by the tutor for each course handled.
What is my KRA?
The KRA's will be provided once the tutor registration application process is complete.
What about subject Content for the classes ?
Content required for the classes will be provided by the tutor.
Are there any Social responsibilities I need to be aware of ?
One Students/session will be from the lower income group to fulfill social responsibility as per applicable laws of the land.
What are the Cascer Policy statements and Terms of Use ?
All tutors will abide by the policy statements of the company which are uploaded on the website. Terms of use are all given in the 'Terms of Use' documents which is uploaded in the website.
How can I monitor the performance of my child ?
You will be given Parent login id to monitor your child's progress. Infographics data will be displayed.
Can I login through mobile device ?
Yes, the parents can use mobile version of the app to login.
Are there any Parent Teacher meet that I need to attend?
There will be virtual Parent Teacher meet every month. You are encouraged to attend and prior notification on the upcoming PTM will be sent out.
Can I communicate directly with the Tutor ?
Parent can communicate with Tutor through messaging chat available in the app.
I have questions related to classes, Regular/Special Programs. Whom should I contact?
You can send your query over email to For unregistered Parents, you can submit your details in 'Contact us' page and Customer Support administrator will reach out to you to address your queries.
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