A tech platform to build an intelligent and resilient manufacturing supply chain

Who is Workbench for

I'm an Engineer

Securely share designs with suppliers for rapid prototyping

Quickly Iterate based on manufacturing feedback and release designs faster

Easily approve first article inspections and deviation requests

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I'm a Procurement Manager

Get Quotes from multiple suppliers with a single click

Optimize Quote to Cash (QTC)

Manage supplier spending, quality, and risk with dashboards and supplier scorecards

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I'm Manufacturing Supplier

Manage customer RFQs, Purchase Order's, Work orders, etc

Engineering data, Operational and Quality data all in one place

Seamless access to finance to manage cashflow

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How Workbench makes manufacturing supply chains agile

Procurement agility

Easy to find the highest quality, lowest cost supplier with predictable delivery performance

Workbench makes it easy to share 3D models, engineering drawings, inspection sheets with each quote and purchase order

Full visibility into supply chain operations from supplier selection, qualification and performance managment.

Data agility

Full traceability from purchase order through manufacturing progress to shipment and delivery, with operational data collection

Part level data for downstream supply chain for quality, compliance, and risk managment


Logistics agility

Integrated logistics for faster shipments and delivery

Financial agility

Get paid as soon as the parts are delivered to the customer


We are committed to building the world's most sustainable manufacturing supply chain by leading the way with Carbon-Neutral footprint in workbench operations, but more importantly, we are building tools for every manufacturer to become sustainable.

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Building an agile supply chain needs a unique set of digital tools, IoT sensors, and LEAN operational methods. We love taking to engineers, machinists, 3D printers, and procurement teams on how we can help grow your business.

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