Be a Community Hero

Sell, lend or exchange with trusted community members

With ForShare, effortlessly list items for sharing by taking a photo or video. The items are visible only to your community members or your charity of choice. 😎

Donate items you no longer

Items you no longer use or need may be precious for someone else in your community or an organization. Use ForShare to donate items you longer need to use and help others and save the environment. 😇

Conduct fun auctions within your community

Auctions are a fun way to sell your unused items or for raising funds for charities. Use the ForShare app to engage the community by auctioning items such as art, antiques, locally grown fruits/vegetables and tickets to events. 😊

Get attractive rewards for your contributions

You earn points for selling, donating or accepting items from others. Redeem your points for free items or discounts from your local cafes, restaurants and more. 😻

Our Story

Covid 19 has affected the daily lives of all of us and changed how we perceive everything around us. Things once we took for granted such as travel, and access to basic necessities are not immediately available due to supply chain issues and other restrictions. The current situation has reinforced the need for conserving our resources and reusing and recycling as much as possible.

We also have seen the huge income disparity that exists between the wealthy and the poor. Laborers and small business owners have suffered the most during the crisis days. We have a great opportunity to be mindful of our consumption patterns and to share whatever is possible to help those in need.

I have witnessed people's struggle firsthand in Kerala during the floods and Covid. For all the technology that exists today, there is nothing that makes it easy for us to easily and safely donate, exchange or sell items we no longer need. As a software developer, I decided to use the tools at my disposal to make it easy for everyone to share what they can in the safety of their communities.

The result of our effort is ForShare 🙏. One man's unused item is another man's treasure! Let us all donate, reuse and recycle and make our community a better place one unused item at a time.