Ceino brings a new approach to the evolving world of mobile applications. We understand your business needs and focus on designing and engineering powerful and simple to use applications that solve business problems.

We believe in partnering with our customers to understand their business problems and in collaborating with them to create a complete solution. We can analyze your requirements, conduct UCI (User Centered Innovation) or voice of the customer studies, perform all user interface design activities and develop robust and scalable applications for platforms such as iOS and Android. We can also help with user testing and usability studies to fine-tune the application to ensure it meets your users’ needs.

Bringing Real-time PCR Content to Mobile Phones for Scientists

Bringing Real-time PCR Content to Mobile Phones

When a leading Life Sciences instruments and reagent company decided to make their technology content accessible to customers through mobile phones, they approached us to create a solution that would work across multiple platforms yet provide native application experience.

Helping believers worldwide access religious media

Helping believers worldwide access religious media

Shalom Media USA Inc. wanted to make it media content available through mobile phones and tablets to reach believers in all corners of the world 24/7. Ceino worked with Shalom team to create a mobile strategy that enables the organization to disseminate media through multiple types of devices without the need to recreate content or do additional work for each mobile platform.