B2B mobile loyalty

Our B2B Mobile Loyalty Platform enables small and large enterprises to deploy mobile based loyalty programs extremely fast. The platform takes out the complexities of loyalty programs and simplifies the entire process for the company as well as customers.

End to end mobile loyalty platform

Bringing Real-time PCR Content to Mobile Phones

Our B2B mobile loyalty platform enables you to launch a fully functional loyalty program that is customized for you business. The product covers all aspects of an efficient loyalty program including program design, promotion, points accumulation, redeeming points for digital or physical gifts, points expiry and dashboards. We work with our partners to ensure you can include customers in any country in the program and provide experiences tailored to each country.

Simple yet powerful

Bringing Real-time PCR Content to Mobile Phones

Common causes of B2B loyalty program failure include difficult to use processes for point accumulation and redemption, and complex back-end systems requirement significant management effort. Ceino provides a simple tool for program administration and easy to use apps for users to accumulate and redeem points. You just need to think about what works best for your business and customers and we make it happen!

Flexible technology and platform support

Bringing Real-time PCR Content to Mobile Phones

Our platform is available on Android, iOS and Desktop (Web). Regardless what mobile platforms your customers are on, you can rollout the program with confidence. We can also seamlessly integrate with existing systems for authentication, product information, data validation and other integration needs.